Alabama Christian Academy is a K4-12th grade college-preparatory school committed to offering a challenging, Christ-centered education to its students, while keeping in mind their individual needs. ACA offers several AP and honors classes for advanced secondary students as well as dual-enrollment classes through Faulkner University. Students needing assistance with their studies or more challenge are offered the option of the L.E.A.P. program in addition to their daily classes, but within the school day. Each teacher at ACA offers tutoring once a week at no charge to students who may be struggling. 

In line with its Christian philosophy, all ACA students attend Bible class as well as chapel daily. The Bible class curriculum is designed so that a child who begins K5 will study the entire Bible in depth by the time of graduation. As a service-oriented school, Alabama Christian Academy encourages students to participate in various fundraisers, community outreach projects, and charitable works throughout the academic year. Our students are expected to think critically, to analyze the world around them, and to develop their relationship with Christ. We take a strong stand in encouraging personal responsibility, a giving heart, and godly character in students who will be equipped to serve and lead in their communities. 

The development of school-wide technology is a priority – all classrooms have been equipped with computers offering Internet access to all students wirelessly and/or via our computer lab and library media center. All elementary classrooms and several of the secondary classrooms are outfitted with SmartBoards; in both the elementary and secondary schools, all faculty are equipped with iPads to aid in their course curricula. All 7th-12th grade students are using the iPad in the classroom for their textbooks and as a learning tool. Our kindergarten classes also have several iPads for the students to use.

More than half of Alabama Christian Academy’s teachers hold an advanced degree, showing their commitment to education. And just as important, our staff and faculty are made up of strong Christian role models for our students. These gifted professionals not only enhance curricula through subject-matter expertise, diverse instructional techniques, current technology, and cooperative learning strategies – but also by integrating a Christian worldview within a supportive learning environment.