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 ACA Alumni:

     Please send marriages, births, and any other major events in your lives which have occurred during and since the summer of 2016.  We need this information by May 15, 2017 to publish in the Eagle Vision.  Also, if you have not sent your updated contact information, including change of last name, address, email and year of graduation, please include that to ensure that you receive this publication along with notice of other important dates, functions, etc., that occur throughout the next school year.  Please share with other ACA graduates who may not receive or read this.  We want to contact everyone possible.  Thank You!

Class of 2006 Reunion


The Class of 2006 celebrated its ten year reunion on Saturday, April 30, 2016, with a family picnic and a no-children-allowed evening event. Beginning at 11:30, several families met in the ACA courtyard and coffee shop for picnic lunches and playtime in the now secured courtyard area.  Slight bitterness ensued when the former students enviously viewed this lovely area, which current students enjoy each day.  Two of ACA’s athletic ambassadors, Devin Gilliam (Class of 2016) and Ashby Kasarjian (Class of 2017), guided the group on an extensive tour of the campus, which has undergone significant changes in ten years.  During the tour, Dr. Misty Overman, ACA’s new Head of School, caught up with them and introduced herself.  She had been on campus watching the boys’ soccer team win and advance in the state playoffs.  The alarm sounded only once when the suspicious group tried to enter the music facilities.  Upon viewing their senior DVD and posing for pictures, it was naptime for children and time to prepare for evening festivities at The Railyard in downtown Montgomery.  Some, who could not attend during the day due to other commitments and responsibilities, were able to join the others for the evening event.  The 2006 class officers met, planned and began gathering information and contacting their former classmates months prior to this day, which proved most enjoyable for everyone who participated. 

Class of 2011 - JACQUI WYNN

Jacqui Wynn,  ACA Class of 2011, recently was presented the Physical Education Award at Faulkner University, which goes to the top student in the Physical Education Department.  Jacqui graduated from Faulkner in December of 2015, with a degree in Physical Education.  Until she finds a full-time position in her field, which she hopes will include coaching, Jacqui is substitute teaching,  coaching Capital City Juniors Volleyball, and volunteering with Brew Tech Softball.  She will be going to Malawi for the second summer, along with ACA alumni Sara Ford (2012) and Maggie Mitchell (2013) and other Faulkner graduates and students, to work with the children there. They will be in Mtendere Village,  the location of the Sara Pigg Walker Foundation Hospital, named in honor of the late Sara Pigg Walker, (Class of 1996).  We congratulate Jacqui on her award and wish her, Sara, Maggie, and the rest of their group a safe and blessed journey.  

Class of 2011 - WARREN SMITH

ACA alumni, follow the link below and read the interview with alumnus Warren Smith (Class of 2011).  You will definitely be impressed by Warren's extremely difficult pursuits and admirable goals as he continues his education at Auburn University.

Class of 1987 - CLINT BURKS

Those of us at ACA are saddened by the death of alumnus Clint Burks '87. Our sympathy and prayers for comfort go to his family.


Follow the link below to view ACA alumnus Haley Bagents Steelman ('09), law student at Faulkner University's Jones School of Law, as she was interviewed by WAKA News following the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Haley and her law school teammates, who compete in mock trials/moot court across the country and have won against other law students from such schools as Harvard and the U of Alabama, just returned from competing in regional moot court in Washington D.C.. National trial competition will take place in Dallas, TX, at the end of March. GO HALEY!

Class of 2014 - SAM MOODY

Also emerging as a winner,  in yet another election this week,  is ACA alumnus Sam Moody ('14), a junior at Troy University, who was elected Vice President of Campus Activities for the Student Government.  Sam is majoring in Risk Management and Insurance with a minor in Leadership Development.  Looks like the younger generation of voters have great foresight and values when electing their leaders!  Go ACA Eagle Alumni!


Class of 2013 - DALTON BEASLEY

In another important election this week, ACA alumnus Dalton Beasley ('13) was victorious in his bid for Student Government V-P of Student Affairs at The University of Alabama. Dalton also plays trumpet in the U of A Band. Dalton previously served as member of the SGA Senate for Arts & Sciences. He will be a senior in the fall. Way to go, Dalton!


Class of 2010

 ACA commends 2010 graduate, Dillon Patterson, who completed his M.S. in Biology from the University of South Alabama with a 4.0 GPA.  Dillon has the distinction of completing his M.S. degree in the shortest time in the history of the program.  More importantly, he won the Life Sciences Thesis Award during the 2014-2015 year (go to "Biology Student Wins Life Sciences Thesis Award").  Dillon is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology from Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  We look forward to hearing more great news from Dillon.  Congratulations!

Class of 2000

Congratulations to Lauren Naylor Baker (class of 2000)  and Nathan Baker on the birth of their daughter, Kiera Alexandra. She was born December 2 in Okinawa, where Lauren is stationed. Lauren is a Captain in the US Air Force as Air Battle Manager on AWACS planes. 

Class of 2004

Congratulations to Rebecca Fonville Hightower (class of 2004) and Charles Hightower (class of 2006) on the birth of their first child, Ada Elizabeth on December 9, 2015.  Proud uncles are Ryan Fonville (class of 2001), Brandon Hightower (senior, class of 2016) and aunt Katelynn Hightower (class of 2010). 


ACA Alumni/Friends

January 2016: ACA's first alumni/friends dinner meeting in the Birmingham/Tuscaloosa area took place at the Embassy Suites in Hoover on Thursday evening, January 28. Attendees spanned 1963 to 2010, graduates from Alabama Christian High School to what is now Alabama Christian Academy. Alumni from different eras of the school's existence met, sat together, ate, and talked throughout the evening about the past, their lives since graduation, and the future of the school. We look forward to more meetings such as this one and to reaching as many alumni as possible in this area. Please send your contact information to me through the email and phone numbers listed on this site, and we will make plans! Thank you, Eagle alumni, for your support.

October 2015: The first ACA Alumni/Friends get together was held in the Collaborative Learning Center on campus on Thurday, October 15, 2015. Thus begins a continuing effort to reconnect with alumni and friends who have meant so much to the school throughout its history. These small monthly informal supper meetings will serve as an introduction to our new Head of School and acquaint attendees with the Advancement Committee and the future outlook for the school. This was a fun group for the first meeting! Please send us your current contact information for the database, so we will know how to stay in touch!

December 2015: December's alumni and alumni parent meeting was filled with happy memories and productive ideas for the continuing inclusion of more alumni in the future of ACA.  These select local alumni were some of the most involved students while attending ACA.  They made things happen while here and hope to be instrumental in the future success of this school.  Mrs. Christy Tanner, who was one of the most active parents on campus while her sons were in attendance here, contributed much to the process and ideas. We appreciated her presence and help.