Dress Code

ACA Dress CodeAt Alabama Christian Academy, all students K-12th grade wear uniforms. The student dress code and appearance standards may be found in the ACA Elementary Handbook and the ACA Secondary Code of Conduct.

Elementary (K4-5th) Handbook

Secondary (6-12) Handbook

Dress code for each age group is found within the handbooks.

NOTICE: This handbook is subject to periodic revision upon Board approval. Parents and students should also be apprised of the fact that all pupils are admitted to the Academy on a year-by-year basis. Also note that the updates are posted merely for your convenience and do not in and of themselves satisfy the Handbook Compliance Form you must sign at the beginning of the year; you are still required to read the handbook in its entirety each year for compliance.

ACA school uniforms may be obtained from the ACA uniform store located in the secondary campus.