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Faculty and Staff Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Mike Anderson Anderson, Mike Middle School Principal, Girls' Basketball Coach 334-277-1985
Angela Austin Austin, Angela Teacher’s Aide 334-277-1985
Jody Barr Barr, Jody Technology Instructor 334-277-1985
Luz Beard Beard, Luz Art Teacher 334-277-1985
Nicholas Berryman Berryman, Nicholas
Douglas Black Black, Douglas Elementary Principal 334-277-1985
Janet Brolund Brolund, Janet 2nd Grade Teacher 334-277-1985
Beth Camp Camp, Beth Counselor 334-277-1985
Cheryl Chappell Chappell, Cheryl 5th Grade Teacher 334-277-1985
Page Clayton Clayton, Page Bible Teacher, Varsity Football, MS Baseball 334-277-1985
Michelle Clifton Clifton, Michelle K4 Teacher 334-277-1985
Amy Davis Davis, Amy Band Instructor 334-277-1985
Tonya DeCapite DeCapite, Tonya Public Relations and Marketing Director 334-277-1985
Angie Dickson Dickson, Angie Theater Teacher 334-386-7566
John Dockins Dockins, John Bible Teacher, Varsity and JV Football, JV Basketball 334-277-1985
Lindsey Donaldson Donaldson, Lindsey 2nd Grade Teacher 334-277-1985
Pam Edwards Edwards, Pam Elementary Administrative Assistant 334-277-1985
Marla Evans Evans, Marla History Teacher 334-277-1985
Tammy Evans Evans, Tammy Senior Advisor 334-277-1985
Irmy Fonville Fonville, Irmy Administrative Assistant 334-277-1985
Candice Foster Foster, Candice English Teacher 334-277-1985
Mark Frieden Frieden, Mark History Teacher 334-277-1985
Marie Galloway Galloway, Marie Accounts Receivable Specialist 334-277-1985
Scott Galloway Galloway, Scott Athletic Director, Varsity Boys' Basketball Coach 334-277-1985
Don Gilliam Gilliam, Don Bible Teacher, Director of Football Operations 334-277-1985
Kathy Goldman Goldman, Kathy Teacher 334-277-1985
Chris Goodman Goodman, Chris Athletics Instructor, MS Boys' Basketball, Varsity Softball 334-277-1985
Kingston Govati Govati, Kingston Finance Manager 334-277-1985
Martha Grubb Grubb, Martha Math Teacher 334-277-1985
Manuel Guice Guice, Manuel Science Teacher, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Baseb 334-277-1985
Melany Hatcher Hatcher, Melany Nurse 334-277-1985
Rachel Hatcher Hatcher, Rachel 4th Grade Teacher 334-277-1985
Clancy Hilyer Hilyer, Clancy LEAP Instructor 334-277-1985
Amber Hogan Hogan, Amber 334-277-1985
Trey Holladay Holladay, Trey Chorus Instructor 334-277-1985
Trey Holladay Holladay, Trey Teacher, Chorus Instructor 334-277-1985
Taylor Horn Horn, Taylor Math Teacher 334-277-1985
Greg Howard Howard, Greg History Teacher, Varsity and MS Football, Varsity Baseball 334-277-1985
Sydney Howard Howard, Sydney Science Teacher, Varsity and JV Volleyball, Varsity Girls' Soccer 334-277-1985
Kimberly Howell Howell, Kimberly 3rd Grade Teacher 334-277-1985
Leah Hunt Hunt, Leah English Teacher 334-277-1985
Dean Itson Itson, Dean 1st Grade Teacher 334-277-1985
Kassandra Ivey Ivey, Kassandra English Teacher, MS Volleyball, Varsity Girls' Soccer 334-277-1985
Renato Jimenez Jimenez, Renato Spanish Teacher 334-277-1985
Nancy Jones Jones, Nancy Registrar/Administrative Assistant 334-277-1985
Monica Kachelman Kachelman, Monica Kindergarten Teacher 334-277-1985
Kari Kelly Kelly, Kari Elementary Music Teacher 334-277-1985
Rob Lyle Lyle, Rob Director of Technology 334-277-1985
Sharon Lyle Lyle, Sharon Kindergarten Teacher 334-277-1985
Kimberly Moore Moore, Kimberly Teacher 334-429-0857
Rachel Moore Moore, Rachel Technology Instructor 334-277-1985
Cindy Mulkey Mulkey, Cindy 5th Grade Teacher 334-277-1985
Sarah Olesen Olesen, Sarah Elementary Reading Specialist 334-277-1985
Misty Overman Overman, Misty Head of School 334-277-1985
Deniese Phillips Phillips, Deniese Science Teacher 334-277-1985
Rachel Phillips Phillips, Rachel English Teacher 334-277-1985
Susan Picken Picken, Susan History Teacher 334-277-1985
Cecilia Porterfield Porterfield, Cecilia Counselor 334-277-1985
Tonya Prempramot Prempramot, Tonya Science Teacher 334-277-1985
Daysha Sanford Sanford, Daysha Cheer Coach/After School Care 334-277-1985
Nate Sanford Sanford, Nate History Teacher, Varsity Football Coach 334-277-1985
Allison Sansom Sansom, Allison Elementary Learning Designer 334-277-1985
Lacey Sargent Sargent, Lacey Math Teacher, Varsity Girls' Basketball, Track 334-277-1985
Jane Sewell Sewell, Jane Elementary LEAP 334-277-1985
AP Smith Smith, AP Spirit Store Manager, MS Cheer Coach 334-277-1985
Lynne Smith Smith, Lynne Math Teacher 334-277-1985
Rick Solar Solar, Rick History Teacher, MS Football, Boys' and Girls' Golf 334-277-1985
Stephanie Solar Solar, Stephanie Math Teacher, Varsity Cheer 334-277-1985
Tracy Stiff Stiff, Tracy Director of Admissions 334-277-1985
Deborah Streetman Streetman, Deborah Math Teacher 334-277-1985
Michael Summers Summers, Michael History Teacher, Varsity Football, JV Baseball 334-277-1985
Darla Sutton Sutton, Darla Athletic Administrative Assistant 334-277-1985
Jessica Swindle Swindle, Jessica Teacher 334-420-5310
Julie Taggart Taggart, Julie High School Principal 334-277-1985
Tammy Tolliver Tolliver, Tammy 1st Grade Teacher 334-277-1985
Patti Turner Turner, Patti Elementary PE, JV Softball 334-277-1985
Suzy Weed Weed, Suzy 4th Grade Teacher 334-277-1985
Rhea Wynn Wynn, Rhea English Teacher 334-277-1985
Charlotte Young Young, Charlotte Accounts Receivable Manager 343-277-1985