ACA LEAPAs part of our commitment to provide the highest quality education in a Christ-centered environment, Alabama Christian Academy offers each student the opportunity to take part in the Learning Enhancement and Achievements Program (L.E.A.P.) – a comprehensive program designed to provide ACA students an integrated framework to maintain and sustain the highest scholastic achievement that they are capable of attaining. 

Frequently Asked Questions about L.E.A.P. 



Academic Support 

The Learning Lab is a carefully crafted environment dedicated to the development of life-long learners. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by trained teachers/staff, the Learning Lab provides our students the tools and strategies they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond, if they apply the tools and strategies effectively.

Individual assistance is available in core subjects to support all participating ACA students. Throughout the school week, instruction is enhanced by on-line materials and other assistive technology software.

A student may use his/her time in the Learning Lab to practice skills that will be covered on a standardized test such as the S.A.T. He/she may make computer flashcards for upcoming tests or review a math concept that may require more practice to assure retention. Many opportunities will be available for students through the variety of tools, materials, and personal attention given in the Lab.

Test Support 

Test Support is a L.E.A.P. component that provides students an alternative test site as well as appropriate adjustments in the presentation of the test. This component of L.E.A.P. requires students to meet certain eligibility standards before participation is allowed. To be eligible for such testing, a student must present to L.E.A.P director recommendations from a medical doctor, licensed counselor or a Psycho-Educational Assessment.

As a private school that receives no federal funds, ACA does not fall under any guidelines that mandate accommodations for any learning disabilities. Therefore, it is up to the director of L.E.A.P. to determine the adjustments made during testing. All tests will be furnished by the classroom teacher and graded by the classroom teacher. No modifications will be made resulting in lowering the expectations and standards by which students are assessed. All ACA students will be administered the same exact tests.

Student Advocate 

Has your child ever had the problem of missing work that you know was completed at home, but never turned in to the teacher? Have you ever heard your child tell you that he/she did not know an assignment was due, or a test was coming up the next day? Does your child have trouble keeping up with everything? Then the student advocate could be the person you need to help you through the school year!

A student advocate is someone that communicates with parents, students and teachers concerning academic progress, study strategies, behavioral progress, as well as the student’s organizational skills on a daily/weekly basis.