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ACA Class Trips

ACA Class Trips

9th Grade to Philadelphia- Oct.10-13, 2019

Our 9th graders will enjoy an amazing trip taking them to Independence Hall, the site of the Constitutional Congress and the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and to the Liberty Bell. They will travel through history to find themselves right in the middle of the battlefield in Gettysburg, PA! On this trip they will learn, and touch, more of the history they hear in the classroom. We will also take a trip over to Lancaster PA to experience Amish Country and the precious people to still live a truly austere life.  A truly remarkable trip into history! 

10th Grade to Boston- Oct. 26-29, 2019

Our 10th graders will ride The Freedom Trail!  And so much more!  Not only will we travel through the city run by the Sons of Liberty (remember the Boston Tea Party and the midnight ride of Paul Revere?)  but we will go whale watching, visit Harvard Yard and eat some truly fantastic New England fare.  

8th Grade to DC- Jan. 3-6, 2020

From the Capital Building to the Lincoln Memorial and all points in between, our 8th grade trip to DC our students will visit REAL. USA. HISTORY.  We will visit the Constitution, the museums, the National Mall, Ford’s Theater, the White House, the memorials, the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of the Bible, and many other wonderful places. 

11th & 12th Grade to New York- Mar. 14-17, 2020

Our trip to New York is a highlight of many of our seniors and juniors.  On our trip to NY we take in all the sights! We visit Central Park, museums, take in a Broadway Show, tour Manhattan, visit lady Liberty, and many other places.  We also ice skate in Central Park one evening! We also get to tour NBC Studios, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 9/11 Museum and MUCH more!

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