Spiritual Life

ACA Spiritual LifeThe spiritual life of Alabama Christian Academy incorporates several avenues to integrate spiritual values and practices in our schedule. Each school day our students attend a chapel assembly. The program may consist of a guest speaker, singing, video presentation, or special program designed to connect our students with Christian values and principles. In the secondary school, each week as a part of the chapel assembly, the students will have the opportunity to have small group discussions led by high school teachers or specially selected juniors and seniors. These sessions are planned to involve the students in discussion of relevant life issues in a spiritual context. Variety is also provided in the daily chapel program through periodic separate assemblies for guys and girls. This gives the opportunity to address topics relevant to each gender.

As a Christian school, all students at ACA have a daily Bible class. The Bible class curriculum is designed so that a child who begins at Alabama Christian Academy as a K5 student at Alabama Christian Academy will study the entire Bible in depth by the time of graduation. 


At the beginning of each school year, a select group of 11th and 12th graders are trained as small group leaders and challenged to provide spiritual leadership among the student body. These students are members of SALT (Student Action Leadership Team). A retreat is held at Camp Chandler in late August to begin the training and motivation for student spiritual leadership. Then, each Tuesday throughout the year, the group meets to plan for small group assignments. They have been instrumental in making small groups effective as well as being the core of positive peer influence on campus. 


We also have a select group of 9th and 10th graders who are members of LIGHT. The purpose of this group is to prepare for leadership and to carry the torch when they reach their junior and senior years. This group also has a retreat at Camp Chandler as a part of their training.


Because it’s important that what we learn goes beyond the classroom, the opportunity to practice what we learn, a life-lab, is vitally important for a full understanding of being Christ-like. For that reason, we encourage our faculty and students to get involved in service to the community. The Friday before Thanksgiving each year is Eagles for Christ Day. All of our high school students go out into the community with their small group leaders and work with community agencies and groups. We have groups that serve that day in Autauga, Elmore and Montgomery counties. At the conclusion of the day, the students reassemble on campus to share their stories of the day. 

To be able to touch and serve approximately 35 groups in one day helps us to put “Christianity in action.”  Our Bible teachers are encouraged to plan service opportunities throughout the school year to continue this mission. In addition, our athletic teams engage their players in service projects as well. Middle school students have a “Spiritual Emphasis Day” each fall. Each grade (6, 7, 8) has a separate day where we take them off campus and have a full day of devotionals, Bible studies and team-building activities. These are great times for forming relationships as well as providing a challenge to live Christ-like lives every day. These are typically held in September and October. 

Students in our elementary participate in several service projects throughout each year involving the American Heart Association, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Heavenly Hats, among others, to teach them how to serve others in their communities and beyond. We also plan school-wide service projects to involve the entire ACA family. Collections for the Montgomery Area Food Bank, Compassion 21 and other local agencies have been done as a part of this initiative. This school year we will have a drive for new shoes for the “Shoes for Orphan Souls” project. 

The many service opportunities throughout the year allow our students to put into action what they learn daily in chapel and Bible class.  It’s another way that we empower our students to thrive in wisdom and serve in spirit.