LEAP Program Information

The goals of the Tutoring Program are:

  • To assist students in becoming independent learners
  • To identify the student’s area(s) of concern
  • To refer students to effective study skills techniques
  • To assist students in reaching a higher level of competence in a particular subject area
  • To assist students in becoming active in the learning process
  • To aid in the development of a positive approach toward learning
  • To provide a supportive and encouraging environment where learning takes place at the student’s pace

The goals of the Tutoring Program are reached by:

  • Engaging students in a discussion about what they know about a particular subject area
  • Helping students determine what they do not know about a particular subject area; allowing them to find the answers among their academic material (textbooks, notes, etc.)
  • Asking students questions to transfer knowledge into long-term memory
  • Creating opportunities for students to practice what they are learning by providing mini-quizzes or creating/accessing practice problems, etc.
  • Reviewing notes, homework assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, exams, etc. to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Reviewing instructors’ comments on papers and other assignments to be sure students know how to best use this feedback

An ACA student’s enrollment in the LEAP Tutoring Program requires an additional fee.  These fees will be discussed with you upon acceptance into the program.

To signup for LEAP in the Lower School, Please Email lpowers@alabamachristian.org & jsewall@alabamachristian.org.

To signup for LEAP in the Upper School, please fill out this pdf and email it to jtaggart@alabamachristian.org & chilyer@alabamachristian.org.

Upper School LEAP Interest Form 2022-2023