Our Teams

The Mission of ACA Athletics is to train our athletes to glorify God and achieve victory – in competition, in life, and for eternity. ACA provides coeducational athletic programs which stress the importance of body and spirit, faith, character, and sportsmanship for grades 6-12. ACA athletics. So when our students play football – or volleyball, or basketball – or run cross-country, their sport may be different, but their goal is the same. Alabama Christian Academy competes as a Class 3A school and is a member of the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA), the Capitol City Conference (CCC), and the ASABFA (Alabama Student Angler Bass Fishing Association). From the field to the court to the green, ACA offers students a wide variety of arenas to excel in athletics. For more information, visit www.ahsaa.com.

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Current Sports

Boys & Girls Track & Field
Boys & Girls Tennis
Boys & Girls Golf
Bass Fishing
Boys’ Soccer
Girls’ Soccer